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  • Poppy Burgess


Hi my name is Poppy and I am 8. I have a brother called Toby, he is 6. Last year in 2020 we as a family started a campaign called just1bag2020. We had a goal to collect 2020 bags of trash in 2020. We hit the goal in April on my mum's birthday. We set a new goal to collect 10,000 bags of trash. We hit that goal in August. We then set another goal that was 20,000 bags of trash. We hit that goal in November. Then our last goal was 2,020 collectors of bags. We hit that so close to the New Year. We hit it on 30th of December.

Today we went for for a walk as a family and me and Toby thought that we should create a campaign of our own. Then for the rest of the walk we talked about the campaign and thought of a name. We went home and thought some more and decided on just1action2021.

This campaign is about helping people and the planet. Every month we are going to set a new challenge to help the planet, people, and the community. Some ideas we've already had are: building bug houses, donating food to people without, and donating toys,

We hope you can help us make the world a better and kinder place.

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