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Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Firstly, thank you so much for being one of 23 schools in 2023 to coordinate a school litter picking event. We’re so excited to see the impact you will make by encouraging children, parents and staff at your school to make a difference ‘just one action’ at a time.

To help you with your efforts and ensure we’ve got what we need to support you, we’ve created a simple checklist of next steps.

If you have any questions at any point please email Sarah at We can swap emails or set up a time to chat live.

  1. Email us to officially register your school as one of the 23 schools. Let us know the name of your school and the city and country you’re based in.

  2. Once confirmed by us, please send over your school logo and, if possible, some additional details about any green initiatives or accomplishments your school/green team have been working on recently. If you have pictures you have permission to share, please do send them over and we’ll happily share them on our social media channels to celebrate your school’s efforts.

  3. We’ll then email you a personalised #23in2023 certificate with your school name and logo and dedicated school number. Please keep this safe.

  4. Organise (or delegate to your green team to organise) your #just1bag2020 clean up. This can be as a whole school activity during the day, at the weekend, or where students compete to collect as many bags as possible over a weekend and submit photos to you.

  5. Let us know the date and format of your #just1bag2020 clean up.

  6. Promote the litter pick internally amongst your students and parents. Let them know why you’re doing it, and share that you’re part of the 23in2023 campaign so they understand you’re taking part in something bigger. We can provide additional info/videos etc to support you too.

  7. Make sure all involved are aware of the health and safety rules for litter picking safely. You can find more details about this on our website.

  8. If preferred, check if you can borrow litter-picking equipment from your local council waste officer.

  9. Do your #just1bag2020 litter pick - the fun part! Take a picture (or lots of pictures!) of your group(s)with their bags of litter holding the #23in2023 certificate.

  10. Send us your pictures/videos and any stories/quotes from the day. If you post to your own social channels please tag @just1bag2020 and use #23in2023 so we can reshare. We’ll upload them to our social media channels and website as well. If you can, count the bags and let us know how many people took part, and how many bags were collected. Our goal is to show the children involved that they’re part of something bigger and that each person can make a difference.

Thank you!

The Burgess Family (Sarah, Phil, Poppy (11) and Toby (8)

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