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23 Schools in 2023. Will your school be one of them? 

What is 23 in 2023?

At Just1Bag2020 we love a goal and what's better than a goal? A litter picking goal of course!


For 2023 we want to shine a spotlight on your school. We're looking for 23 schools from around the world to organise a #just1bag2020 clean up and we'll showcase their amazing eco actions for everyone to see.

It is often said that the next generation will be the ones that save us from the climate crisis, and while we firmly believe it is our job, as adults, to hand over a liveable planet to the next generation, we can empower our future leaders to see the difference their actions can make and foster a greater connection with our environment. 

Litter picking is a fantastic activity for students of all ages. It shows them how humans can impact nature, how there is no "away" for their trash, and how no matter your age, you can be the change the world needs to see. 

If every school got 100 students and parents involved that would be 2300 people that have picked up litter. Could this actually be 23 schools, 2300 people, 23,000 bags? It just could be!

Imagine the different that would make!! 


Check out our Next Steps Checklist here for more details and see which other schools around the world are signed up here

Why You should get your school involved

  • Great team or solo activity so everyone can join in

  • Huge sense of achievement at the end 

  • Shows the impact of litter

  • Creates a sense of ownership for their community and 

  • There are so many subjects that can intergrate it with their classes. Maths/English/Science and many more!
  • Kids and families LOVE it! 
  • We'll highlight each of the 23 schools on our social media and website, showing the world how amazing your students are 

ideas for your school 

School clean ups can be anything big or small. Here's a few ideas: 

1) Run a house/class competition and see who can collect the most bags of litter over a week or weekend. 

2) Pick a day and time and get everyone together to tackle an area around your school 

3) Have the Eco Club organise litter picks during lunch or break time and help them look at the types of litter they collect. They could also come up with a campaign to reduce the waste their school creates to stop the litter coming back


Promotion is key!

  • Get the students involved by designing a poster 

  • Let the parents know what's happening and why the school is asking for them to get involved

  • Combine it with Earth Day or an Eco Warriors promotion week to increase engagement

  • We can help with all of the above and are happy to organise a call or support if required

Get Involved

We are looking for 23 schools from across the world to get involved. 


Email us to for more details of how to be involved and don't miss out! 

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