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Creating A Corporate Wave of Change

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Litter picking employees? Are you crazy!!!

Getting out in the fresh air has been proven to have a positive impact on mental health and now, with more people than ever working remotely, this is a growing issue that all businesses need to address. A litter picking company-wide challenge can be a great way to bring employees together whilst they’re socially distancing.

Don't take our word for it. Here is what people have been saying:

“#just1bag2020 is a simple, yet practical way to bring our people together across the world in the pursuit of a shared goal i.e the preservation of our natural environment. I love the fact that it started from humble but focused beginnings and has now reached so many people globally. We'll definitely keep spreading the word throughout the teams at RG and with our clients too."

"This was a wonderful challenge and with the amount of walking we do I’m going to make it a regular thing on at least one of our daily walks (we average 5/day). Albert is past the point of eating EVERYTHING in sight (almost) but when he was a puppy I would be pulling these bits of trash out of his mouth every few blocks or so! It’s so sad. Where I live there are a plethora of trash cans too! Some people asked what I was doing and when I told them the response was all positive. I hope it inspires a few more people to do the same."

"Motivated me to take a bag with me on all my walks!"

"Thanks for doing this initiative. So important and honestly I’m shocked at how much trash/litter is out there. My five year old son and I went for a walk in Newton…literally not even an 1/8” of a mile (just a quick walk down the street and found a huge bag of trash. My child thoroughly enjoyed our “Trash treasure hunt walk” and it’s helping to teach him about helping our environment. We’re going to start incorporating this into our walks."

"Sometimes it feels disheartening to see how easy it is to fill up these bags, but I’ve also had some really nice moments. Almost every day that I have been out, a stranger or neighbor that I have passed, has taken a moment to thank me. This neighborhood is also pretty special to me – I live in my grandparent’s old house that they purchased back in the 50’s. One neighbor told me how my Grandpa Lloyd and Grandma Ann would walk down the streets on Sunday with a broom and a bag picking up trash and sweeping the area clean. That made it easy to go out each day in their honor."

Here’s just few ways you can join in:

  • CSR day: pick a day when everyone leaves their laptops behind, grabs some trash bags and finds somewhere to clean up.

  • Make your next catch up meeting a call instead of a zoom and take a walk around the block with a bag.

  • Set a two week challenge. Which team or person can collect the most number of bags in that timeframe.

  • Encourage your team members to grab a bag and go for a walk anytime they need a break from their screens.

  • Lead by example. If you get out there collecting bags and telling people about it, others will follow.

  • Pick up any litter you see. Wear gloves or use a litter picker. Stay safe.

  • Take a photo and collect them centrally or encourage people to post to their social media accounts with #just1bag2020 or @just1bag2020 and any # you create

If you want to continue the conversation:

  • Get everyone to share what the weirdest thing was that they found? What surprised them most?

  • How can your company reduce the amount of waste they produce?

  • Come up with three things you, as a team/company, commit to doing to reduce the amount of waste you create.

For a donation we can send a goodie bag for you to share with those joining in. Contact us for more details.

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