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Our Favorite Resources

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Below are some links, shoutouts and quick reads from some of our favorite friends and sources. In our quest to become more sustainable we've encountered so many like-minded people and projects. There's room for everyone and we encourage you to check these out!

An Excerpt: My favorite advice to give as an eco-mama is to keep the conversation going. Share information about reducing our impacts on the environment with our friends and families by talking about it. We are also deep in the social media sharing culture and it has never been so easy to share this message and it has never been so important.  

One of our favorite posts is.... HERE!

An Excerpt: Honestly Modern helps everyday families explore climate action, zero waste living principles, regenerative gardening, and intersectional environmentalism, all through the lens of modern family life.

One of our favorite posts is.... HERE!

An Excerpt: What started out as an outlet to document the journey of a single mother aspiring to earn her PhD, has turned into an insight into Maranda’s world and her passions.  Hopefully the blog encourages others to follow and advocate for their passions (especially single parents).Maranda has slowly begun sharing her eco-friendly habits with the Bronx community through work at the community garden, hosting low-waste workshops, and starting a Buy Nothing Group for her neighborhood.

One of our favorite posts is.... HERE!

An Excerpt: My name is Jess and I am a former high school Chemistry teacher turned stay-at-home mom that is passionate about educating others about climate change and sustainability science. My mission is to make the science behind sustainability accessible to everyone. Let’s work together to make this a reality!

One of our favorite pages is.... HERE!

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