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  • Kristen Banning

Calling All Brownie and Scout Leaders!

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Are you a leader of a Brownie, Scout, or Girl Guide group?

Want to make a difference and join in the worldwide #just1bag2020 campaign?

It’s easy. Here’s how:

  1. Litter picking can count towards a number of badges. Pick which one you’d like to work on as a group.

  2. Agree a day with your troop/pack/den to meet to do your litter pick. Decide on your favorite park, beach, or recreation ground that you think may need cleaning up.

  3. Wear gloves and use litter pickers if possible. If you don’t have any pickers you can always use old BBQ tongs!

  4. Go for a walk and pick up any litter you see. If there are a lot of you, you could get one group collecting recyclables and one group collecting general litter to make it easier to sort at the end.

  5. Take a photo and post it to your social media accounts with #just1bag2020 (for posts) or @just1bag2020 for stories (make sure you get parental permission before posting any photos). Let us know where in the world you are collecting and how many bags you filled. We love to hear your stories and we’ll add you to the total.

  6. Discuss what you’ve found. What was the most surprising thing someone collected? What was the most common item? How could you help to reduce the amount of litter in your community?

  7. Responsibly dispose of anything you’ve collected. General litter can go to your local town dump, or there may be space in a trash can at the place you’ve cleaned up. If possible, take the recyclables to a nearby recycling center.

  8. Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

  9. Give yourselves a huge pat on the back. You’ve made a big difference!

  10. Encourage other people to get involved!


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